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Love Is...

Love is more than just a “warm fuzzy” feeling. It is a decision that endures through tragedy, trials and tribulations.

Love is having one’s own needs met while helping another meet theirs.

Love is exposing oneself to the scrutiny of another. Love trusts and is trustworthy.

Love is being vulnerable and respecting the vulnerability of another.

Love accepts one’s own shortcomings, limitations and faults, and accepts these things in others.

Love speaks one’s mind and listens when others speak theirs.

Love is hearing the real feelings, motives and meaning behind the words of another.

Love is sincerely caring about what happens to another.

Love is striving for personal growth and encouraging others to grow.

Love is believing in the potential of another.

Love is pursuing one’s own interests and allowing others to pursue theirs.

Love respects differences of opinion.

Love always honors another’s dignity.

Love will endure physical, mental, emotional and spiritual personal pain for the benefit of another.

Love never selfishly or needlessly harms another human being.

Love is being honest with oneself and with others. Love is never manipulative.

Love does not demand attention at the expense of others.

Love seeks out the best in others. Love forgives.

Love accepts responsibility – it does not blame or make other’s pay for one’s own mistakes.

Love does not build or maintain a reputation at the expense of others.

Love does not lie or deceive.

Love seeks one’s own needs, but it does not demand one’s own way, wants or desires.

Love may change, but it always lives forever.

Love is putting another’s needs above one’s own desires.

Love acknowledges the need for help and seeks those who can provide it.

Love is admitting when you’re wrong and making amends.

Love seeks the welfare of others without hidden selfish motives.

Love is not mere physical gratification, but only true Love can provide complete physical gratification.

Love sheds tears at injustice and suffering. Love laughs with the joy of a child.


To be alive without Love is to die. It is only in Loving that we Truly Live.

To have truly Lived this day is to have Loved.

© 1995 Bruce Bivens


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