Passing of Bruce Bivens

Dear friends,

It is with sadness I report that Bruce Bivens has passed away in the early morning hours of July 30, 2013.

He died peacefully in his sleep.

I will provide more information as such becomes available.


James Franks


For those of you who have read the Actual Physical Book "ARE WE MISSING SOMETHING HERE", you may recognize My Name being mentioned in the "Dedication" Section on the Second Page of the book (before the Table of Contents).

In short, I first met Bruce Bivens in the latter half of 2005. We have been good friends since. -- I miss him terribly.

In late 2012, Bruce asked me if I would "take-over" and "continue" his website in the event of his passing.

I agreed to do so; and sadly that time has arrived.

Bruce encouraged me to Post some of My Own Studies. However, I have no such intention at this time.

I intend to keep Bruce's site exactly as it was the day before he passed away; with 2 (two) exceptions:

1- Obviously, I have added Announcements concerning his death.

2- I intend to Remove the "Donate" Button - as I will not seek or accept any financial donations.

Again, other that the two items mentioned immediately above, I intend to keep Bruce's site exactly as it was the day before he passed away.

In Closing

I should also mention that if you were/are awaiting an email response from Bruce, I trust you will understand when I say there is indeed a legitimate excuse as to why you haven't received such response.

If I may be able to assist you with any comments, questions, suggestions or requests you might have, please feel free to use the "Contact Me" Button on this website.

I will read each message PERSONALLY and will respond PERSONALLY to you. -- I will never share your personal information, (your name, email address, etc), with any third party. -- I will use it only to reply to you.

Thank you for your understanding.

James Franks


Beloved, I wish above all things that all goes well with thee and thou be in good health, even as thy soul prospereth. - 3 John 2