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Here is where you will find links to pages that deal specifically with each of the topics essential for optimum health. It is a good idea to follow each of these links in the order that they are listed for each one is listed in matter of importance and each one builds upon the one preceding it.

Optimum health begins with your DIET. Your diet - that is, what you put into your body -- provides the building blocks your body needs to function with peak energy and efficiency. If you are not giving your body the best fuel it needs to function optimally, it will not. If you do, it will. So if you are interested in "optimal health" you should begin with the "Optimum Diet Tips" link. Follow this link all the way through and then proceed to the next link "Optimum Water" and so on. A brief description is given for each link listed so that you will have some idea of what is covered and why it is important.

Diet Essentials and Tips: Your diet has more to do with your overall health, energy, immunity to diseases, cancers, and sickness, mental acuity, and sense of overall well-being than anything else. This section will give you most everything you need to know about: how to eat the best diet -- including which foods are best, how they are best prepared, foods to avoid combining with other foods, nutritional information, and where you can obtain foods in their most natural and safe forms. The pros and cons of a vegetarian diet verses a meat eating diet -- with the pluses and minuses of each -- are discussed here so that you can decide what kind of diet is truly best for you. Click this link Diet Essentials and Tips to get started, or on the "Diet Essentials" link on the sidebar.

The Importance of Water: Our bodies are composed of approximately 70% water. You need good pure water, and plenty of it, to maintain good health and to keep your body operating at peak efficiency. Water is also important for the outside of your body. It has many beneficial uses for the relief of pain, overcoming illness, and can even raise your white blood cell count (an important factor for combating illness). This link will discuss how much water you should be drinking, what kind of water you should drink and use, how to use water to increase your health, relieve pain, reduce swelling, encourage healing and increase blood flow. It also contains a section on the best products for improving the water you drink and use and where you can get them. Click on this link The Importance of Water to get started, or on the "Water" link on the sidebar.

Optimum Breathing Tips: Next to water and diet, breathing provides your body the oxygen it needs to function optimally. Oxygen is especially important for your blood and brain. Without adequate oxygen your body and mind will atrophy and your immune system cannot fend off disease. Most of us do not breath properly and do not get the oxygen we need. This section deals with proper breathing, exercises to increase lung capacity and efficiency, and tips on improving the air you breath. Click on this link Optimum Breathing Tips to get started, or on the "Breathing" link on the sidebar.

Tips for Optimum Rest: If you live in the United States, or in any other "Developed Nation", you very likely do not get adequate rest. Even if you "sleep" a lot, you may not be getting the rest you need! This link contains information on why rest is so important and how to improve the rest you are getting. It includes tips on for sleep as well as tips on getting adequate rest and relaxation between sleep times. Click on this link Optimum Sleep and Rest to get started, or on the "Sleep and Rest" link on the sidebar.

Optimum Exercise Tips: OK, you know you should exercise but "exercise" programs often seem so strenuous and are time consuming. What can you do to get the exercise you need without spending a boatload of money on gym fees or exercise equipment? This link will show you how you can get the exercise you need (even if you work at a demanding job you may not be getting the exercise you need) without a lot of expensive equipment and with minimal time investment. There are many exercises that you can do, while you are doing something else, that will help you lose weight, stay fit, and feel energized. Click on this link Optimum Exercise Tips to get started, or on the "Exercise Tips" link on the sidebar.

The Importance of Sun Exposure: Yes, you read that right. Sun exposure is good for you! Did you know that exposure to sunshine actually helps your body produce vitamin D? This link will help debunk some of the myths about sun exposure and offers tips on how much exposure you can safely get without using sun-blockers, the most beneficial times for getting sun, and why you really ought to avoid the use of tanning lotions and sun-blockers. Click on this link The Importance of Sun Exposure to get started, or on the "Sun Exposure" link on the sidebar.

Temperance: Moderation in most things is important. When your life is "out-of-balance", by the over-use of one thing or by the neglect of something else, your whole being suffers. This link provides tips for achieving a healthy balance for your life. It includes information on overcoming addictions and advice on maintaining a "balance" between the differing aspects of your life (e.g. work, family, friends, private-time, church, school, etc.). Click on this link Temperance to get started, or on the "Temperance" link on the sidebar.

Guarding Your Senses: It is my sincere belief that "by beholding we become changed." The old adage "Garbage in, garbage out" is relevant here. This link discusses the effects of what we watch, listen to, and allow ourselves to be exposed to, and the impact it has on our lives. Even something that is not necessarily "bad" (e.g. the News) can be detrimental if we are drenched in it. You will find helpful suggestions on limiting your exposure to negative influences and maximizing your exposure to positive ones. This information has everything to do with your mood and emotional well being. Click on this link Guarding Your Senses to get started, or on the "Guarding Senses" link on the sidebar.

Trust in God: You don't have to be "religious" to have trust in God - but if you don't have any trust in Divine Power, you are likely missing out on a life of true security and a life that offers peace of mind, meaning, contentment, fulfillment and true joy - even amidst the trials and disappointments that inevitably will come your way. You cannot neglect the Spiritual side of your nature and achieve balance or well-being. If your body is not healthy your Spirit will not be healthy, and if your Spirit is not healthy your body will not be healthy. Don't neglect this area of your Health -- it is essential! This link provides you with tips on improving your trust in God and in living a life based on that trust. It includes personal testimonies where you can see how others have benefited from placing their trust in God. Click on this link Trust in God to get started, or on the "Trust God" link on the sidebar.

Vitamins and Supplements for Optimal Health: Vitamins and Herbal supplements can play a vital role in Optimal Health. Even if you are careful about the foods you eat, you can still benefit from supplementation. Supplements should be used intelligently and with due care. This link offers you information on various vitamin and herbal supplements, includes information on "safe" dosages, proper usage, which supplements are helpful for various health conditions, and where you can buy the best supplements at the most reasonable cost. Note: This information is not meant to prescribe treatment for any conditions and should not be used without the the consent of your doctor. Click on this link Vitamins and Supplements to get started, or on the "Vitamins/Supplements" link on the sidebar.

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