Hot Topics In The Church

There are a multitude of topics being discussed in the church today. This page links to some of the Hottest! They Include:

The Israel of God and the Error of Disspensationalism Is the Nation of "Israel" still God's chosen people? Will they once again be? Who is Israel? Why "Futurists" and "Dispensationalists" are Biblically wrong.

The "Secret Rapture" -- Biblical or Not? The "Secret Rapture" is taught by the overwhelming majority of Evangelicals. Is it Biblical? Find out what the Bible says here!

Modern Tongues - Biblical or Not? Are Modern Tongues Biblical? Are they the proof of Holy Spirit baptism? What does the Bible say?

Trinity Problems This Study exposes many of the "Problems" concerned with the TRINITY DOCTRINE. They should be taken SERIOUSLY as we simply cannot continue to IGNORE such things as "Insignificant"! Please read this study thoughtfully and thoroughly AND read the study on Matt. 28:19 ("Baptism How???") and the study on the HOLY SPIRIT. Thanks

The Sabbath This is an extremely thorough study on the Sabbath. Any questions one may have about the Sabbath -- Which day it is; Saturday or Sunday? --- Difficult Bible Texts --- Different Denominational Responses concerning the Sabbath and MORE are offered here!

New Topics will be added soon!

The Israel of God and the Error of Dispensationalism

The "Secret Rapture" -- Biblical or Not?

Modern Tongues - Biblical or Not?

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