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It truly saddens me that a section on "Adventist Issues" needs to be written. However, the topics included here must be addressed honestly, and even brutally. We cannot simply choose to ignore the Issues in Adventism as if they are issues of "non-importance". They have everything to do with our mission to the world, and if they are not considered honestly, we will never fulfill our commission in giving the "Last Warning Message" to a dying world! There will be much more added to this section as time permits, so I would suggest that you check back here often to see what else is NEW here often. Issues that will be covered include: What I wish they had told me about the "Inspiration" of Ellen White,, the 144,000, the "Trinity", the Holy Spirit, the "Shut-Door" Prophecy, the Message to the Seven Churches, and much, much more.

So, if you dare to look into these things honestly, please continue. Please NOTE that I am NOT Anti-Adventist or Anti-Church (although I must sadly admit that our Church is in grave danger of being rejected by God). I fully believe that the LORD has raised up this church in fulfillment of Prophecy in order to give a last solemn appeal to a dying planet. I believe that the Lord is coming soon! And I believe that it is far past time for His people to Wake-UP and get right with God before it is too late. The issues dealt with here are of the utmost importance for the people of God just prior to His Second-Coming. Please give "prayerful consideration" to these things. Action will be called for on your part as you become aware of the issues involved. It should be noted that you will likely want to read these studies sequentially as they tend to build upon one another -- but you do as you please given your experience in the matters covered.

What I wish they had told me about the Inspiration of Ellen White: This page deals with the reality of Biblical Inspiration and the Inspiration of Ellen White. It deals with many of the issues concerning "Inspiration" that I wish that someone had explained to me when I first became an Adventist (it would have avoided much misunderstanding and much unnecessary confusion). It might also have prevented many people from leaving the Church as they have discovered that NOT EVERYTHING the Ellen White wrote was directly inspired of God. This is NOT the easiest of studies but it will greatly enhance your belief in the providence of God as He has worked with His special messengers. Click on the link directly above this paragraph to begin. Enjoy!

Trinity Problems This text study deals with the PROBLEMS involving the Trinity Doctrine. These are very REAL problems and show that we simply cannot "Ignore" this issue. Please read this carefully AND read also the study on Matt. 28:19 and the study on the Godhead and the Holy Spirit. Thanks.

The Message to the Seven Churches Traditionally, we have been taught that the messages to the Seven Churches are historically sequential and that this is the only correct way to view them. In other words, each message is meant ONLY for the Christian Church existing at specific times from the Apostles time to the End of Time. This is true in one sense, but it is NOT TRUE in its entirety, and our FAILURE to consider the messages to the Seven Churches as a WHOLE MESSAGE to the CHURCH TODAY has left us believing that the ONLY message that applies to us today is the message to Laodicea. This has caused us to MISUNDERSTAND a great many things and has caused us to believe some rather ABSURD things! This study will challenge you to RETHINK much of what you have been taught and to view these messages - AS A WHOLE - and as an All-Inclusive Message to Christ's Church TODAY! Many things fall into place, and much of the confusion that is circulating today about God's TRUE CHURCH, are answered when these messages are viewed in this manner! To get started click on the Highlighted Text at the beginning of this paragraph.

The 144,000 This is a VERY INTERESTING issue within the Church right now! One of the most interesting things that has occurred within our Church is the Fact that we have moved from a position (Held by our Founding Pioneers, Including Ellen White) that maintained that this group is a LITERAL group of people. Our Church Leaders now maintain that the 144,000 are NOT a "Literal" group of 144,000 living saints at the time of Christ's Second Coming and that they are simply a part of the GREAT MULTITUDE of Redeemed Saints! You will want to read this study to find out more on this! Not only have we moved away from a Literal view of the 144,000; but many groups within the Church are confused as to WHO is to make up this group. Many feel that it is only the Church of Philadelphia. Others believe that Laodicea is going to become "Hot" and that they will compose the 144,000. This study will answer many of these questions and will help you decide for YOURSELF what the correct position on the 144,000 really is! Click on the highlighted text at the beginning of this paragraph to get started.

Feast Days and The Ceremonial Law There is a growing number of people within our Church who feel that we should still be keeping the "feast days" of the Ceremonial Law. Others say that these ceremonial feast days were strictly "Typical" (part of a system of TYPES that pointed forward to, and met their fulfillment in CHRIST and are, therefore, no longer binding and need not be kept). Were these Feast Days established as a "perpetual statute" for "all generations" including BOTH Jews and Christians? Is it "WRONG" to keep them? What should our attitude toward these ceremonial feast days be? There are interesting and convincing arguments made for both sides of this issue and it behooves us to find out what the Bible, Jesus Christ, the Apostles and the Prophets (including Ellen White) have to say about this important issue. We will take a closer look at these Feast Days here.

The Trinity in Adventism This brief overview of the "Trinity" doctrine's entrance into the Seventh-day Adventist Church is written to provide impetus for you to dig into the studies that follow on the topic of the Godhead and the Holy Spirit. [NOTE: This is WHERE you will START. The LINKS to the REST OF THE STUDY will be found once you click on this page.] I have found that a surprising number of Seventh-day Adventist have practically no knowledge of how we have come to believe in the Trinity and even believe that this doctrine was one of the "Fundamental" beliefs of our founding pioneers and of Ellen White herself. It was not. I myself was not aware of its complete history within our denomination nor the surprising fact that "one man" was primarily responsible for its induction into the SDA Church until my book "Are We Missing Something Here" was nearing completion. It will become clear why this doctrine is dangerous and why we need to "reconsider" our belief in it. This is NOT just an argument about whether there are "Three" members of the Godhead -- I believe that with all my heart -- This is matter of a Doctrine that supplants the Work of Christ, Denies His "Infinite" Sacrifice, and relegates Christ's Work to that of "Justification" only. The ramifications of this doctrine cannot be overstated and it is a doctrine that we have NOT examined carefully enough. We WILL study it out thoroughly in the studies that LAUNCH from this page. To get started CLICK HERE!

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